Pension Freedoms

In April 2015 the Government introduced changes to pensions that have had a far reaching impact on everyone in the UK. According to the Chancellor at the time (George Osborne) these changes were “the most radical change to how people can access their pension in almost a century”.


Year Start planning: time to get ahead?

As we near the end of the tax year, now is the time to consider not only year end planning, but also planning for the new tax year.

It is one of the features of the political cycle that the more difficult and less palatable legislation tends to come at the start of a parliamentary term rather than as an election nears. Tax changes are very much a case in point: the rises come soon after an election, the cuts shortly before the election. When 2016/17 starts there will be a number of important tax changes scheduled to take effect which need to be built into your financial planning: (more…)